.fbx file does not load in mixamo

Hello everyone, Babylon documentation has a topic, which is character animation, the documentation shows the steps of production, one of them says the following, that I have to make the character in blender, export the file as .fbx and load it it into mixamo, the problem happens when I try to load in mixamo, because mixamo says it loaded, but the screen is gray and I can’t add animations, is this a common problem? because I’m very new in this world.

I am sorry I have no idea about Mixamo and I hope the community does :slight_smile:

Maybe @thomlucc has some tricks ?

I think the problem might be that Mixamo is not able to process the model properly. Does your model work properly if you export it to .glb format and try to drag & drop it to https://sandbox.babylonjs.com/, for example?


@Panuchka when I load it into the sandbox there are no problems

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@Rafel_Onty : What happens if you export the character from Blender in the .obj format, then zip the .obj and .mtl files created into one zip file, and then import that .zip file into mixamo?

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@Rafel_Onty : From the Adobe/Mixamo help page :

Upload and rig 3D characters with Mixamo

Open the " Upload a custom character" drop down and note what is says in the information box about file formats. Do you “Make sure “embed media” is turned on for FBX files to upload your textures.” for your .fbx uploads?

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@gryff Thank you very much, solved my problem, now it’s loading normally, I used that method you recommended and it worked, sorry for asking these silly questions, and thanks again.

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