How can I import Mixamo character with skin into Babylon.js

I want to import Mixamo characters into Babylon.js. I am using Blender to import fbx files and combine animations. I can export Babylon.js file and animations work fine. However my characters don’t have any texture.
I followed this tutorial and it asks me to replace all materials because of the incompatibility issues:

My all imported characters end up grey and mono colour. How can I keep Mixamo character’s original look?

ok just tested a Quick and Easy

Adobe Maximo - EXPORT to .FBX

Blender - Import .FBX

Blender - Export as GLTF (Blender Add Ons)

Open in Babylon.js (sandbox)
working fine…

cheers, Lucky
Kai Buskirk


I see so instead of Babylon.js file I need to use GLTF format.
Thank you @KaiBuskirk


yep it was super easy that way!

the other ways i broke it were not um… fun…lol

@Nil how did it go?

Thank you for your help @KaiBuskirk I tried in the Babylon.js sandbox and I can see the character with texture.