FireProceduralTexture weird defects

Hi All,

Several days ago I used FireProceduralTexture and all was looking good.
But today when I open my program again I noticed this weird strength lines on the texture and this texture looks not smoothed. I tried run this one program on another devices like phone or another one PC and all is looking good. But on my PC in chrome and in firefox texture looking like on screenshot.
I run example by this link

Maybe somebody know what it could be?


Looks like you might have a driver issue on your desktop. Could you try reinstalling your video drivers ?

I unfortunately can not find a device where I repro. It is like you are rendering in software mode.

Could you send us what you see in WebGL Report and WebGL Report

Mainly this part:

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Hey, thanks for this suggestions, I will check it!
Can you tell how can I see this webGl report? I mean what I should open to see it?

by pressing the links above :slight_smile:

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Heh, I am so inattentive : )
So, here is first link


and second link


Let s now check if somebody else in the community can repro ?

@AwesomeCommunity pretty please ?

Just tried it out on my firefox browser, looks good and smooth for me:


Here is ok - Chrome and Firefox


There is uses my integrated video processor for browser. Can it be reason?

yup it might totally be related to this driver, that is my guess. Could you try to disable this device, so it should force the other one just to validate the assumptions ?

Yeah, when this device is disabled then all is ok.

you might need to create a chromium ticket to see if smthg is doable here :frowning: