Flat shading: how to set exact color?

setting emissiveColor doesn’t show me the correct color.

I have set here #a74410 but I got #9c4a1b
both colors look very similar but I need exact color code. Is there a way to solve this?

Thank you!


should be:

Not sure if this is a browser specific issue, but the correct color is the color returned in your Playground for me?


I got the same as RPaladin. How did you get to this color of #9c4a1b?

very strange I tried three methods:

  • integrated color picker from Chrome browser
  • MS Powertools color picker
  • save screenshot and load in editing program

all three are showing wrong color for me. very strange.

At the end I need the correct color in image data I directly get from layer so if it is correct there - I do not care what else might be wrong on the other layers above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I will check…

Ah I found it it is a Chrome browser issue - I had to change it in chrome://flags

in Firefox it was correct. The internet seems to be full of that issue I wasn’t aware of.
So thank you for feedback and good to know that Babylon delivers the correct colors for my project :+1:

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