Rendered color looks darker than color picker color

Dear community,

I am trying to render a flat (“non-lighting”) color or texture in my scene . However I found my rendered color is way darker than the color picker:

As you can see in the screen capture above, I use a StandardMaterial, and set “Disable Lighting” be true. So I was expecting the color I set for emissiveColor should be the same color I would see in the scene, since it is a flat shading. However as you see, the rendered flat color is only (127, 0, 0).

I also tried PBRMaterial with “unlit” option turned ON, still same result. Also tried link an image texture to the material, still getting a way darker shading.

You can see I set the environment “clear color” to (255, 0, 0) too and looks the environment color is rendered correctly.

I suspect this is a color space issue but no ideas how it works. Or any other root cause?

Please help :slightly_smiling_face:
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To change the color space one may use

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@labris Thank you for the reply!

I have tried but looks not working for me…

Can you give me a example?
Many thanks!

@labris Just an update from my end.

Actually those toLinearSpace() and toGammaSpace() does work - but only on greyscale values, which is gamma is getting affected. But won’t do anything on any 255 (or 1.0) colors.

For example in my sandbox, if I change the emissive color to a value less than 1, then toLinearSpace() and toGammaSpace() will work. But unfortunately for my case, even a pure white color is rendered as a grey color. So my case might come from another root cause.

Do you have any other clues?
Many thanks!

Hey @labris and everyone,

Just an update: turns out this is due to my package local building issue. After rebuilt the scene the issue is all gone. Sorry for the false alarm. All good now!

Many thanks!

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