FPS is still very low after grid merging

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I need to draw people’s walking track with lines in three-dimensional, and then mark the corresponding time points on each point. I continuously create balls, and then create GUIs or textures on the balls to display the time points, but once the created balls exceed 5000 FPS, they will slowly decrease, and each person’s points reach more than 100000 at the most in a day, I merge meshes by timing, but the FPS is still very low. What should I do?

You should not enable multi-materials when merging meshes (6th parameter), else you will get as many drawcalls as meshes:


Also, each sphere is comprised of ~1300 triangles, so as you are creating a lot, in the end you get 13 meshes for a total of 3244270 faces!

You could probably use thin instances to improve performances.

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I tried your thin example, but I still didn’t achieve the effect I wanted! What I want is to draw the track information of this person, and then mark the corresponding time stamp on the historical track of his walking. Now I can use the thin instance to pop up the information on the head, but I need to click it manually to pop it up. What should I do?
Straight Track Playground | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)
I want it to pop this up when drawing

You can do something like this: