FreeMazes3D, version 0.4

I have released a fourth version of my random maze generating and puzzle solving adventure game, FreeMazes3D. The game now has 16 different puzzles that can randomly spawn within the mazes, including two new puzzles that generate extra mini mazes underneath the main maze.

I also made some important gameplay improvements. First, I have added a new tier of difficulty for the game: time limited mazes. In these time limited mazes, you must complete them before the time runs out or your play session’s score will be reset to zero. Exiting any maze early will also now reset your score to zero. However, completing a time limited maze before the time runs out gives a big score bonus. This new tier offers some extra reward for the increased risk. However, I do recommend playing a regular maze first before trying the new (Time Limit) tier of mazes.

In addition, I added an achievements system for accomplishing various feats. You can not save your progress in any given randomly generated maze. However, any achievements and new high scores earned are permanently saved so you can track your progress in the game.

A screenshot showing the entrance to one of the new, random underground mazes:

Feel free to try the game out. This BabylonJS project is bundled up as an Electron app so it can be played like a traditional desktop game. For Linux users, a native Linux executable can be downloaded from my github and played right away (no installation necessary):

Windows/MacOS users will need to clone the project, install the project dependencies, and then build from source.