FreeMazes3D version 0.2

I have now released the second version of my random maze generation game, FreeMazes3D.

The main addition to this version is that I have added four new puzzles that can be spawned in the obstacle rooms inside the randomly generated mazes. The game now has eight total different puzzles, offering a better variety of things to do. The new puzzles feature carrying and wielding items, including a few spears and even, oddly, a mysterious watering can…

I also added some ‘clutter’ to the main parts of the mazes. Clutter is just random stuff that you will find laying around on the ground. You can’t pick it up or interact with it, but it is there to help you remember what part of the maze you are in.

Feel free to try it out. A native Linux executable can be downloaded from my github and played right away (no installation necessary):

Windows/MacOS users will need to clone the project, install the project dependencies, and then build from source.

Here is a screenshot of this version:

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Looks fun, would love to try it if there was a web version. Is it playable in the browser or does it need to be a native app?

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Thanks! Yes, at this point, the game can only be played as a traditional desktop application and not in a regular web browser.