From earth scale to street detail - earth tilling

Hi all, it’s been a while I posted here. I was wondering if in this demo I’m facing webgl float32 lack precision (bjs 4.1)? I’ve read few external topics about Improving precision, not really friendly to understand…

I’m working on a eath tilling, more you zoom, more you get detail. When you’re zooming max you can see the distortion.

Maybe this subject has been treated before ?

live demo ‘key:e’ to change map provider

earth scale :

street scale :

anyway, bjs 4.2 congrats !!!


that look like lowpoly mesh in the zoom area effective your texture

You can try to use the useHighPrecisionMatrix setting when creating the engine in case it would be a precision problem.

unfortunately, this does not make the job, here 2 screenshost with wireframe enable, each tile for demo purpose has a subdivision of 16, so we can see the distortion at high zoom. I see no no difference using options or not, I tried useHighPrecisionMatrix and ‘useHighPrecisionFloats’.

The world is really large you can see tiles creation here (they are normally hidden if zoom!=tileLevel)

I suspect something related to float precision vs ‘double precision’ . , this guy explain the concept pretty well. But before trying to test and make his solution compatible with my demo, I explore every solution.

I will try to simplify this in a playground

wait for me let test something without world recreation geometry

that can handle recreation problem for large scene we just need calculate the right uv now

This earth is great, can you share the code to PG?