Full Body VR Inverse Kinematics solutions?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any other libraries for VRIK? I came across this one, which is pretty old. It does still work, but has some problems.

I’ve never been a fan of “floaty hands” or visualizing controllers. I’ve done full body VRIK avatars in both Unity and Unreal, using off-the-shelf libraries.

Does anyone know of any other implementations?

I have not seen any TBH. But wanted to share this - immersive-web/body-tracking (github.com)

Which, AFAIK, is enabled on the quest browser. I am going to test it the minute 7.0 is out.

ok! 7.0 is out! Try it yet?? :rofl:

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i’ll be off for a little while, but it is certainly on my bucket list! :wink:

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