Galaga Clone thingy

Babalaga - Link To Play

Just a quick little project that I did over Friday/Saturday last week.

All the graphics are actually 3d voxel sprites that where ripped from this sheet so its pretty fun.

Pretty fun, not fully complete but it is “playable” as is.

Has some things the original Galaga did not have like being able to stack more then 2 ships together.

Arrows for Movement, Space to fire.

Post your high score!


Told you, ya can make a game of it, didn’t I? :grin: Now, you just need to add a ‘game over’ text and find a slot to insert that $1 coin that will help you make your retirement in some caribbean island :money_mouth_face: :rofl: :beach_umbrella:


Needs more refinement still, but haha yeah the ground work is there!

<3 love the encouragement lol.

Feel free to fork the repo and make something amazing!

I was kinda a goober and hopped between functional and object oriented though so I hope that does nto confuse things.

Everything Object is generally structural stuff, while I kept all the functionality of the objects surprisingly enough functional. XD

GG @Pryme8 !!! @Deltakosh can already thank you for my productivity drop today :slight_smile:


I had already expressed my enthusiasm for the first preview of the game, but you raised the whole pyramid and put a few more columns underneath… :smiley: … there is still room for improvement.

The only thing missing is the typical sound of the game, and I find myself back in 1981.

If I had a software company, I would just steal you and tie you to the computer in my workshop with a gold chain, and we would produce old games and new games non-stop!

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I already did the music, just need to do the sfx now and link them into the observables.

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Ok, Updated with some fixes.

  • Implemented/Created some more sounds, not all yet.
  • Fixed some small logic bugs
  • Re-Enabled Enemy bullets
  • Added Difficulty Scalar
  • Added More Helper functions dealing with conditional interactions reactivity for WaitForThen/DoThisThen stuff.

I feel like I’m 16 right now, playing a computer game for the first time with my eyes shining!

My high score today:

Winning or losing doesn’t matter, the main thing is that I play! :smiley:


Simply amazing. Would really deserve a featuring once it’s done.

Flying back to the 80’s arcades :heart_eyes:

nice one , thanks had afew games. My brother bought me a mini galaga the other day , so game play is quite recent in my head : yours is way to difficult haha :wink:

I know you mentioned its not complete but thought to mention these …

basically they dont shoot at you in the first rounds and even once they do its one or two shots.
then when flying down the never all start flying horizontally along the bottom edge … how must you dodge that ?

They basically do a loop at the bottom … so they fly down , then once out of screen they actually do a loop coming back into screen from the bottom , then going out again.

my high score was 3001 on yours , 40-50k on the mini arcade


Thanks for the feedback! I still need to refine the point system quite a bit and the enemy fight patterns. I will try to look at it again here soon and add the more diverse enemy logic.

Still need to add a few sounds and screens yet too.

I think I’ll do those last parts then worry about the last enemies.

After that anything else will be new content. I think I’ll keep this “traditional” version. But will also add a “hyper” mode that will have more nutty stuff in it and modernize the idea a bit.

Agreed. It has become a lot more challenging now that the fancy aliens are also shooting at me. I guess I preferred the earlier version - made me feel less of a noob player :rofl: Just joking of course, but may be they shoot a bit too much (as compared to the original). Although I must admit my memories of the original are only partial (and probably also ‘distorted’ after all these years :older_adult: :grin:

This is AWESOME! I love the music, it’s super catchy :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m terrible at the game :rofl:

Haha I will be balancing it eventually, was always taught just stick numbers in and move on. Refine the experience later.

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I wanted to see how robust this 3D Voxel Sprite system thingy is that I made so I shifted focus for a day or two and did this:

Merio Dudes.

Holy crap there are a lot of things that went into NES Mario Bros that I had no clue about till I started trying to recreate it.

There are a lot of subtle systems going, like dealing with the blocks and enemies/objects reactions to you hitting them.

aside of the gravity being not strong enough it is awesome !!!

How weird is it that I can hear the audio even if there is none ???

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