Gaussian splatting looks bad with custom aspect ratio

Hello everyone!

I have some gaussian splatting problems since the new version came out. It has to do with the aspect ratio of the canvas I think.

Here is a PG with the bug:

Here are some pictures of the bug when resizing the window:




This does not happen when selecting v6.49.0 in the PG

After some research, I found that the bug does not appear in version 7.5, looking at the release notes I guess it comes from the 7.6.2 patch related to this issue as well:

I’m taking a look

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@Elevons Can you please check this fix with VR ?

Using the playground from the pull request I still have issues when resizing the canvas:

Can you please try this link instead :

Ah got it! I think the link to the pull request is not the correct one, this is the linked PR:

Thanks for fixing it, you are the best!

Sorry for the wrong link. So, I assume my fix works for you?

Yup it works perfectly, juste like in the older versions

Hey do you still need me to check this? Not seeing the link.

Hi @Elevons and @CrashMaster

Can you test again this snapshot ?

it works on my end :+1:

Looks fine here. For what it’s worth, the original behavior seemed similar to the VR issues, not sure if there’s any overlap there.

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