My Unable to load Gaussian Splatting

I can’t see anything and there are no mistakes.
Can you help me check it? Is it a format object or other issue?

Gaussian Splatting | Babylon.js Playground (

It seems it’s a format issue:

Yes, whether I use CloudCompare or MeshLab, the exported ply cannot be loaded. I don’t know why. My original file format is. las. Is there a perfect tool that supports exporting . ply? Make it available for viewing on babylonjs.

I have no idea. Let’s ask @Cedric, but be patient as he is on vacation this week.


the .ply format neighter from Cloud Compare and Meshlab is formatted to support Gaussian Splatting.

You should use the files, which are generated by the Splatting tool.
Which generator do u use?
e.g., Luma AI, postshot aso.

e.g. You cannot take a mesh and transform it into a pointcloud, export it .ply

Supersplat SuperSplat can load AND export .ply as well. splat files which are readable by babylon.


My original file format is. las. I want to load and display in babylonjs. What should I do to achieve this goal?

Some file format speciallist may answer that question :wink:

MAybe there is a different method rather than GS for PointCloud visualisation?

Here they are coming from LaserScan data to GS?