GaussianSplattingMesh progress

Would you consider adding the GaussianSplattingMesh function to get progress values?

This would be a great addition, indeed! If you have a clear view of how it should work, I encourage you to open a PR :slight_smile:

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I don’t have time for a PR but from what I saw in other implementations such as ThreeJS, they preprocess the splat files by sorting the gaussians using their distance to the origin.

Then when they incrementally load the file, they get this nice progressive loading effect.

Yes, that’s a multiple step process:

  • get loading progress value to display a jauge for example
  • allow sorting splats based on their position. it’s a pre process step.
  • progressive display using texture update

I think the 1st one is quite easy to do.
2 and 3 are independant.

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I’ve open an issue

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