Gaussian splatting progressive loading

Will it be possible to have progressive loading for Gaussian splatting like Polycam and many others have.
There is a threeJS based implementation out there too GitHub - mkkellogg/GaussianSplats3D: Three.js-based implementation of 3D Gaussian splatting
Im using babylonJs for my project but lack of support for advanced features is making it harder to keep using it

CC @Cedric

Babylon is, just like three, an open source project, and we love community contributions! Just like three :slight_smile:

GS is a fairly new feature. new addons and features of GS are introduced constantly. So keeping up with implementing all of them, along with maintaining the engine and introducing new features in other areas is quite challenging. We love to see the community involved. Otherwise, we set priorities based on many different factors. I hope it makes sense…


What @RaananW said. You are free to propose changes, fixes and update to the GS feature. I’ll be glad to review your PR.