Generate replay code in Inspector

Hello, a few months ago I used this great feature: Inspector / Tools / Replay. I tried again today, I was shocked. The function is reworked beyond recognition. When I press the start button and then need to export the data, Chrome writes information about the page a) cant be loaded, firefox works, but displays a message that the page is slowing down the browser. The worst thing is that, for example, b) post effects are not recorded at all and c) the generated text cannot be used in the source-code directly, it must be completely rewritten. Not usable. Is there a way to load an old version of Inspector? Thank you very much.

The problem with old version is that it was capturing less than 30% of the events and it was a MONSTER to maintain up to a point it was not sustainable :frowning:

That being said the new version should not fail :slight_smile: Can you share a repro in the playground of your issue?

Doc about the new version: Apply delta changes to a scene - Babylon.js Documentation

It is still an ongoing feature so if you found something not tracked I will gladly add it

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