Generating a Dynamic CubeMap

I’ve been experimenting with the cubeTexture generated by the ReflectionProbe (rendering a hidden skybox at low resolution, then using that cubemap texture on a real skybox) but there seem to be a few limitations. I just had three quick questions, if anyone has any ideas:

  1. For performance reasons, the probe seems to stop rendering when no material with reflectionTexture=ReflectionProbe.cubeTexture is being drawn that frame. Is there a way to force rendering? (Calling ReflectionProbe.refreshRate = BABYLON.RenderTargetTexture.refreshrate_render_once every frame doesn’t do it.)

  2. It looks like there’s no option to render to an HDR texture in 3.3. Is this coming in 4?

  3. Can a normal camera render to a cubeTexture in BJS? (Basically, am I being sillier than usual.)


  1. You can call reflectionProbe.cubeTexture.render()
  2. Yes :slight_smile: new ReflectionProbe(name, size, scene, true, true): The last boolean means HDR
  3. Yes reflectionProbe.cubeTexture.activeCamera = mycamera
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