Getting Crashed in a MAC while creating the engine

I am using Babylonjs in an angular project. I have mentioned all of the npm packages below which I have used.

  "@babylonjs/core": "^4.2.1",
  "@babylonjs/loaders": "^4.2.1",
  "@babylonjs/materials": "^4.2.1",

The application is running fine in all system and mobile devices except a mac. I just cleared all coding lines related to the business logic and simply tried to run the application. Still it got crashed. Then, I remove the engine creation line from the project. after that the application is running without any crashes or error. I used the following code for creating the engine.

 var createDefaultEngine = function () { return new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true, { preserveDrawingBuffer: true, stencil: true, disableWebGL2Support: false }); };

But, All of the playground application links are working fine in the same mac system. Kindly help me to resolve this.

What is the error message you get when the app is crashing on the Mac?

How your project can work if there is no engine created?

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I mean that there is no crash while running the application

I am running on an MackBook Pro M1 Max, Ventura 13.4 and have just tried this out and no crash has occured. BJS 4.2.1, exact code snippet to create the Engine. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, works in all browsers.

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But how can your BabylonJS application run without an Engine?