Git Loading Issue

Both scene loaders are not loading (want to test more than 1 character in scene). Also cloned meshes but want each to have different textures(houses not look the same). Unfortunately only 2 of the textures load not 4(still working on finding free house facades to use…open to suggestions).

Appreciate the help and thank ya :blush:

@param meshNames — an array of mesh names, a single mesh name, or empty string for all meshes that filter what meshes are imported.
not mean a new name. its a filter.


@musk Thanks a bunches :heart:

Do I have to rotate camera or mesh for them to face forward…right now both are facing left. I have to scale for them to have feet on the ground.

It all depends what you are trying to build. if you place lots of meshes putting them in the right orientation is somehow more easy as they might not all have the right orientation first.

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Hey @sebavan :blush:

Had the idea of having each mesh stand next to a house and waving…like a welcome wagon. Thought of creating a dynamic texture to look like a porch mat with a tile for each house. The houses will be links to other pages.

Yup so move the meshes around where you want it will be easier to create your scene :slight_smile:

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Thank ya :blue_heart: