GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Texture format does not support mipmap generation

I have this error in console when I disable autoPlay to a videoTexture.

[.WebGL-000021F0048D5400] GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Texture format does not support mipmap generation.

Am I doing something wrong?

No problem here, it is just a warning that you can disregard safely. I will fix it in our next releases.

Any updates?

Babylon.js v6.1.0 - WebGL2 - Parallel shader compilation

Thanks a lot @bghgary I completely missed it with the release. I ll work on it tomorrow @a_bolog

I can see where it is coming from so at least it does not hurt the experience despite polluting the console. I need to find a clever trick to solve it without breaking the existing features. I ll keep you posted.

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Should be better with Fix video texture bootstrap data. by sebavan · Pull Request #13843 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


Unfortunately the error still shows…

Babylon.js v6.8.0 - WebGL2 - Parallel shader compilation


Also, why setting the Logger level to 0 has no effect on this error?