GLB export artifacts on faces that are close to others?

We’re seeing strange artifacts when models are exported to GLB and displayed in the Google’s <modelviewer> component that don’t show up in USDZ converted models (GLB → USDZ). It seems like these are evident when placing faces close together? In this case we need those faces to touch, and that seems to cause certain artifacting. These do, however, look fine inside the Playground and Gestaltor… Is this something we’re doing wrong when creating the model, or a bug in modeviewer?

Here’s an example you can use the debugger to export to GLB

Here’s an exported file loaded into the mode-viewer:

You should check on the modelViewer forum :slight_smile:

modelViewer is not using Babylon.js

Probably here: Discussions · google/model-viewer (


Thanks! I posited that maybe babylon was doing something not quite right generating the files rather than modelviewer doing something weird given the maturity of the gltf serializer I’ll poke around on the model-viewer forum and see what I can figure out.

From feedback in the modelviewer forum it sounds like this is actually z-fighting. Now i have to figure out how to hide the particular face in question since it’s entirely hidden.

or use Babylon :slight_smile: as it seems our default setup should prevent it ???

Yeah, we could. There are other consumers of the generated GLBs that may want to use other renderers, so we want to make sure they’re as compatible as possible.