GLB exported from Maya has strange skin distortions

Hi, I am new to creating glb and facing some strange issues and can anyone expert help me out?

I have export glb from maya, however as you can see from below, the skin has distortions.

I initially thought that because of

#1 the export option issue
#2 the normal issue
#3 the skin weight issue, reduced influence

Then after digging so long I still cannot find the answer until I key a simple test animation.

As you can see, the test animation has no distortions, hence I have limited there is something wrong with the animation, but it works fine on Maya…

I am totally lost from here.

I have attached both the actually and test scenes, can you help and point me what is wrong?

Thank you very much.


I found that after uncheck the option “Export tangents”, the distortion has shifted from left to right…, what is the cause of it? totally lost…


I have resolved the issue!!!

All you need to do is to transfer asset to blender and use Blender native glb exporter.

Therefore, I can officially say that the Babylon maya exporter plugin has bug to correct.

#1, exported glb will create “ACCESSOR_WEIGHTS_NON_NORMALIZED” error whether you use the option “optimize vertices” or not.

#2, will result strange skin weight distortion.

#3, Skeleton exported will duplicate by as much as the mesh bind on it, while the same thing exported from Blender will only have one set. ( Someone has already found this problem and posted here I believe I saw it while doing research )

cc @bghgary

This is a question for @Guillaume_Pelletier :slight_smile:

FYI, I just corrected this issue about non normalized weight this morning, not published yet.
But do not check if solve this skin distortion issue.

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Good to know, btw, I have added #3 issue I forgot to write on the other day, just for your information.