Scene to USDZ converter

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it seems that Mr. Doob already did this and model-viewer will follow. I think that would be a very nice feature for Babylon as well.


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I wonder what’s the point is…

GLTF is trying to becoming a standard for 3D file format (at least in the field of real time rendering) to avoid having to deal with multiple existing formats (fbx, obj, …), throwing a new file format (even if it exists for some time now) in the mix does not sound like a good idea to me…

Also, it comes with its own problems: Should You Use the USD and USDZ 3D File Formats?

I believe nobody wants to use USDZ but it is necessary to be able to use AR functionality on iPhones. The converter should solve exactly this problem that you are not forced to create a USDZ but it converts the scene on the fly.

Ok, thanks for the explanation! Apple at its best…


Yeah…Do we know how the conversion is done? Maybe we could port it

It seems that it’s already integrated to three.js: three.js/USDZExporter.js at dev · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

This link could be helpful: GitHub - google/usd_from_gltf

Would love to have this feature in babylon :pray:
We have a project where it will be very much needed and it would be a great addition for those of us working in AR where usdz is just unavoidable :upside_down_face:


If anyone is motivated, I would gladly merge!

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