Glow layer without increasing brightness

It might be cause values would be unclamped in this or that the glow would be enabled through the pipeline hmmm… Could you create a repro in the playground so that I ll have a look ? would be great !!!

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@sebavan Sure, here it it is:

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This won t be as simple to fix :frowning:

Basically, the glow is rendered in gamma space as it does not involve lighting maths but in the case of post glow post processes where the rtt will be rendered in linear space, it should be the same for the glow… so yup I ll need an easy way to detect it but I might add a flag first you would be able to turn on/off yourself.

It also comes from the pipeline being set in hdr allowing values above 1. Let me try to think about the best approach without plethora of flags.


You ll be able to do the following in your PG:

var gl = new BABYLON.GlowLayer("glow", scene, {
        blurKernelSize: 32,
        ldrMerge: true,
        alphaBlendingMode: BABYLON.Constants.ALPHA_MAXIMIZED

without accessing any private properties.