glTF exporter for Maya on Mac OS

Hey folks,

Just wondering do we have the plan when to rolled out a Mac version of glTF exporter for Maya?

Our dev env in is on Mac, so if we can have a mac version of it would be awesome :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Not that I am aware of, cc @Guillaume_Pelletier

The exporter is build with the .Net API.
Maya .net API is not compatible with Mono therefore not OSX nor linux.

Makes total sense

Gotcha. Thank you so much for the explanation guys!

Btw do we have plan to roll out a Mac gltf exporter in any form?

I would hope GLTF becomes so mainstream it becomes a standard export in 3d tools but @bghgary might know more about this space.

We don’t have any plans to support Mac. We’re hoping Autodesk will have something eventually and can replace our exporter, but this will probably take a while. Maybe you can nudge them via feedback. The more people who ask Autodesk to do something, the more likely they will do it. :slight_smile:


Just voted in their community! And I am surprised there are only very few vote for this feature there…5 request and request got most votes are 12… :sweat_smile: but yeah I agree this should be the official support. Blender starts supporting it from a while ago. I will try to get more ppl to vote in maya community.

Anyways, thank you so much for replies guys.
Appreciate it.


I have maybe missed something, but this python one seems decent:
iimachines/Maya2glTF: Maya to glTF 2.0 exporter (

not free, but you can try fee with watermark:
Verge3D Features - Soft8Soft

There’s an interesting blog post from Exporting glTF from Maya - Mati Codes ( for yet another plugin on why he chose Python (portability). His plugin though I don’t think is as feature complete.

edit: I should add as well that you can run .NET framework on Parallels or VM. I used to run Visual Studio for Windows on my Mac :smile: I suspect you don’t want to go that route, but that’s two ways to run the babylon exporter on a Mac.


Thank you so much for these info! @brianzinn I was looking at some of linked you mentioned before. But had concerns they might have risk losing support at any point in the future. Verge3D is a good option as well as Parallels.

Appreciate it again!