MacOS version on maya


Do you know if a MacOS version o the babylon exporter is going to come out ?
Or if there is another exporter available on Maya…?
Thank you very much!

@Albane_Degrandsart, I think there will come a MacOS version soon! :grinning:

Hi, there is any update on this topic? :smiley:

Adding @Drigax and @bghgary for the macos support but I do not think that it is currently in our pipeline.

There’s no plans to port to MacOS right now. I was thinking about how this would be possible, and currently we have a few blocking items as this tool was originally written for Windows:

  1. UI framework : All the Winforms UI we’re currently using would need to be moved to a platform agnostic framework. I spent a bit of time researching frameworks, and .NET MAUI is shaping up to be a good candidate, though its still in preview stage. It will just take a good amount of time to convert the ~10 or so odd views we’re using to use the new framework (though I’m not sure if 100% of the controls we’re using have analogs in this new framework either)

  2. Image library - We’re currently using GDI (windows only system library) for image conversion/manipulation, that would need to be changed to some platform agnostic library instead.

  3. Eventually the installer, developer installation scripts and whatnot would also need to be updated/recreated for Mac as well. Not trivial, but also probably not a huge amount of stuff to do, just another thing to do.

  4. Pray there’s no other dependencies I may have overlooked.

But we’re always accepting of pull requests if any enterprising folks are intersted in making this happen :slight_smile: