Gltfpack compresses the model, replaces the vertex data model to black

Please help me, thanks!
I compress the same model twice with GLTFPACK,
One of the commands used was: gltfpack -i f.glb -o f1.0.glb -cc -tc -si 1.0 -kn
Another command used was: gltfpack -i f.glb -o f01.glb -cc -tc -si 0.1 -kn
Get two new models: f01.glb and f10.glb
I want to replace low-precision vertex data with high-precision vertex data, but the following situation occurs, which is not what I want, and I don’t know why some places turn black.
The address is as follows:

cc @bghgary

You are missing tangents.


A new problem arises. I used the same logic on this model, but the model disappeared.

@bghgary please help me.

Can you explain what you mean? I see the model.

You are probably setting wrong data on the vertices:

I have been testing recently. I don’t know why the skin animation will deform when I replace it. It seems that the frame animation will not deform. But I don’t know why.

The models needs to be fully compatible.