GLTF's "perspective" cameras assigned as FreeCamera instead UniversalCamera

Hi there:

The BJS’ GLTF importer keeps assigning a GLTF’s Perspective type camera as a Free Camera instead of the now recommended (by the docs) Universal Camera.

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Wondering if the extra controls were the difference here @bghgary ?

We can change cameras. I just used FreeCamera since it had everything that was required. Maybe we should add an option to allow the user control over what camera is created for this. I suppose one could create a loader extension, but it’s a bit heavy.

@paleRider Do you want to create a feature request for this or maybe even contribute?

Hi @bghgary:

I’ve just created a feature request.

Thanks for your time.


@paleRider I don’t see the feature request. Where did you create it?

Oh, I see it now. I meant on GitHub, not on the forum :slight_smile:

@paleRider In the meantime, you can use the onCameraLoadedObservable and create your own camera from the FreeCamera as a workaround.

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