Golden Paths: E-Commerce

Hi all!

To coincide with the 5.0 announcements, we’re also happy to announce that a new set of Dev Stories focusing on golden paths for e-commerce are finally ready!

These Dev Stories originated from our conversations here on the forum after the first golden path announcement, but they’ve grown a lot from that original vision. In fact, instead of a single e-commerce Dev Story, we’ve actually created three.

  • In 3D for E-Commerce: Viewer in WordPress, we tell a story about very quickly adding 3D to an existing e-commerce website using the Babylon Viewer, including the Viewer’s new 3D Commerce-certified mode.
  • In Babylon Utilities: Showroom Camera, we tell a story about creating a Babylon Utility – a reusable piece of functionality that can be redistributed (for free or for pay) so that others can use it. The approach described allows Babylon developers to share and reuse functionality in ways very similar to what Unity’s Asset Store allows.
  • In 3D for E-Commerce: Custom Experience, we bring it all together to tell the story of a fully custom website built from the ground up with 3D in mind, covering the whole process from art through Babylon through frontend with React.js.

This is a massive jump in the ambition of our golden path work, but we really wanted to have something awesome to accompany our 5.0 launch. We’ll be refining these Dev Stories over the next month leading up to public announce, so please jump aboard and let us know…

What do you think? :smiley:


Oh, and in case you want to peek at the end, the main output of the third Dev Story (from which the screenshot above is taken) is here: