Google Maps Measurement Tool implementation Bablyon?

Hey Babylon Team :wave:

Wanted to know if there was a playground around that mimicked the Google Measurement Tool? I’m wanting a user to draw the outline of their room, thought it would be easy to implement a system where they click to create vertices on a 2D plane and have it drawn as a polygon but for the life of me I can find anything similar in Babylon. Three-js has this spline editor which is basically what I’m after. Here’s a video demonstrating the Google Maps measurement tool..

Anyone know of any playgrounds which demonstrate this? Or keywords I should be looking for? Or parts of the Babylon documentation I should be looking at to interactively build a polygon from user-inputted vertices?


Hi @lukxfnz and welcome to the community!

I asked a similar question many moons ago and @JohnK provided some great examples for this sort of thing:

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This is fantastic, thanks heaps @inteja (and @JohnK!)


You’re most welcome :slight_smile: