Gradient background?

Hello people.

I am trying to implement something similar like this

Basically, I want that gradient background. And possibly that effect on the model itself, where it reflects those colors.

I am trying the figure out the best approach.First thing that pop in my head is some gradient HDR, but I am not sure if that’s the approach used on that link or is it some custom shader???

What do you guys think? Any ideas on how to achieve this properly?

The gradient is actually an environment map. Technically it is a cube texture containing the gradient used to simulate both the IBL and the skydome

More about IBL texture: Use a HDR environment (for PBR) - Babylon.js Documentation

And just for fun let me embed our own viewer as well:

Thank you for your answer Deltakosh. Basically, that’s what I thought.

What kinda made confusion with me is, if you press Alt + Left Click in example above, you can move lighting in the scene, functionality which I already implemented in my own viewer, but to achieve that cubemap reflection on the object I need to use PBRMaterial. Not sure but I believe that I cannot use StandardMaterial for that?

But if I use PBRMaterial, then I cannot see self-shadows on the object (you can see while rotating the light in the example above, that shadow is rotating as well, and I already replicated that behavior but using StandardMaterial, couldn’t achieve it with PBR).

So that’s my conflict here because I see both behaviors in the example. Maybe I don’t understand everything properly with materials?

Maybe it is only about rotating the cube map :slight_smile:

PBR is totally compatible with dynamic lights as well. So TLDR: use PBR, make a repro here if you struggle and we will fix it ;D