IBL in BabylonJS


I have made two samples in BBJS PG in an attempt to use IBL.

I thought setting environment texture to the scene would do the job, but it does not light up the object. Object still appears to be black.

Can someone help me light it please?

PG example 1

PG example 2

You have to assign a PBR material to your sphere: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#XR7ZE9#2

Is there a way to hide the scene background environment, but somehow preserve the lighting?

You can just comment line 19 and uncomment 21/22.

That is awesome!!

To be clear, in order for an object to be affected by the environment texture, it has to be built with PBR material. Is that correct??

One question though.

I usually play with 3D models where I have to use diffuseTexture or bumpTexture . The problem is, an object wouldn’t be lightened if I don’t use PBR material.

How could I use PBR material and standard material together so that I can still map diffuseTexture and still light up an object?

In a standard material, you can use an environment texture for the reflectionTexture property. But that should be a normal texture, not a pre-filtered texture as used with PBR materials.

I don’t understand what you mean. In PBR materials, the diffuse texture is in the albedoTexture property. The bump texture is in the bumpTexture property for both materials. And if you add a light to your scene, both materials will be lit (as long as you don’t set unlit = true for PBR and disableLighting = true for standard).