Greyscale PBR Metallic Texture?

Is there is any way to use a greyscale metallic Texture with advanced PBR material? Currently the material.metallicTexture only works using either Red or Blue channels from ORM texture. A greyscale roughness texture can be set with microSurfaceTexture, but there is no such thing for metalicTexture?

cc @sebavan?

if you put a gray scale the setup to read from R should be good ? wondering what the difference would be ?

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Currently not. When I set pbr.useMetallnessFromMetallicTextureBlue = true, then use a blue texture, it works as expected. But by default, uploading a greyscale as black produces very dim reflection, whereas it supposed to be full metal as if using full blue. By default, the metalicTexture must be red to achieve similar effect to pbr.metallic = 1.0

Will upload a demo texture on the asset library tomorrow to show this.

Or did I get it the other way around? i.e. metallic must be white to achieve pbr.metallic = 1.0?

Update: yes, I got it mixed up the other way, it does work like you described. metallic = 1.0 equal white in greyscale. Thank you.

Yes, the value is multiplied with the metallic value of the material so full metallic is 1 in the channel you chose.

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