Greyscale to Normal Blended with Normal Texture Map NME

Is there a good way to convert black and white textures to normal and blend them into the main normal map inside the NME?

What do you want to achieve ?

A normal is in 3 dimensions, gray scale alone will probably not work.

hello, thank you for the comment. I’m trying to achieve something close to this in Blender with the eyebrow bumped. The second one is in the sandbox. I tried this with the eyebrow mask going to the height to normal node.

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@PatrickRyan might have an idea of how to do this?

@vaughmj1, the height to normal block in NME is probably the best approach for this, but this operation is an approximation and won’t produce very smooth results. For detail that isn’t noisy or is not a focal point, this would work fine, but if you need high quality normal texture, you will need to bake that detail into your normal texture.

If you still have questions, can you give me a little more detail about what you are trying to achieve?