Gui Editor (how to) move to production?


My apologize in advance to ask such a dumb question and then… this late in the process.
May be yours know I’ve been using (and pushing for) the GUI Editor since its early alpha.
However, it’s only now that I ask myself “How do I move this thingy to production”. I mean, efficiently.

So, I had started sketching my GUI in the Editor. Didn’t stop there. Ended-up building the entire GUI and while loading from the snippet, needed to host all my image links in a ‘reliable source’ storage (my dropbox). So now, all links in the editor come from my dropbox, right!

Question is: If I now want to move to production and host the GUI on my server (obviously loading it from the JSON), how am I supposed to proceed to have my images replaced by the ones on my server? I mean I know of the tedious way, but … anyone ever had a thought about this? what am I missing? :thinking:

Thanks in advance for your help and meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

I use vue+vite.
I start inspector from the project and open the gui editor, so that it can access the images in the project folder using absolute paths.

For example /img/something.jpg can be accessed as /public/img/something.jpg.

After modifying the gui, I just save it as a json and reload it.

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Thanks, but that’s exactly what I ment when I said “the tedious way”. Admit we would want to turn this editor thingy into a tool that can really be used in production (and return to it to make further changes) WITHOUT THE NEED of external apps/framework (like vue or vite or whatever)… unless, as I said, there’s something I missed (which is indeed possible), I was rather thinking of a solution that would let us, IE:

  1. Enter a path for production for all assets
  2. On each link, have 2 links. The default/snippet driven - pre-prod. Name it the way you want AND… another link that would take the production path and would just need to enter the image name (or subfolder and name if applicable)
  3. And then, on save, have the options to save using pre-prod or production links.

Would that make any sort of sense to anyone out there? cc @carolhmj

I’m sorry, I may have expressed myself incorrectly, as I’m using a translation program.

What I’m saying doesn’t really need to depend on vue or vite.

The point is to develop the gui with a local environment, so that the gui editor can access the local images using a link without a domain name.

But this may not help you much in your current situation. :joy:

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No worries. English is also not my language. I’m not using a translator but parts of my content can certainly be ‘challenged’ or remain ‘obscure’ :grinning: :sweat_smile:
With that said, yes, it can help for my ‘current situation’ since I already created everything, I will indeed need an in-between step process to restore it to what I need. So much for me :sweat_smile: There’s no way to go back in time :hourglass_flowing_sand: :grin: But I was more thinking about the future (and make sure I didn’t miss anything on what we currently have).
Again, I very much value your input. Might come in handy. We’ll see.
Meanwhile, have an awesome day :sunglasses:

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what we could think of is a new parameter for the GUI loader that will automatically remove the current root of the images link and replaced it with your own root

Would that work?

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to look at my errants :grin: I’m sure you have more urgent matters to take care of with the imminent release of v7. You must be starting to feel the pressure :sweat_smile:, are you ? And, Yes, this would sound like something we could use. May be you want to wait a little and double check this with your Team before moving on. As I said, I can deal with the current situation (in a way I create it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)… just wanted to make sure we continue to look at the best way to improve this for the future (and have more people commit to BJS GUI :smiley:).
Thanks again and meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

we love pressure (no :))

Please create an issue for me to look into that after 7.0 :slight_smile: I will add that parameter for you in the GUI deserializer

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will do. Thanks again,

Could you export the GUI to json search and replace and then load from JSON and then save as a snippet, if you would prefer to use snippets?

Yes, of course, this way or another it’s basically what will happen here. But as I said, “tedious”, OK, a little ‘tedious’… Anybody here noticed I’m the ‘lazy guy’? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grin:
Jokes apart, I’m thinking if I have to go through this entire process each time I want to ‘test and improve’ my GUI and push new to production… I’m gonna have to go through this every time :thinking:

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Honestly I can do the change I mentioned quite easily buddy:)

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