GUI Editor - Property bar list double setting groups


Regarding to GUI Editor in babylon.js 5.0 alpha 17:

I am not sure if it is a bug or a missing feature. I played a bit arround and I am a little confused about the the properties bar on the right side. It looks like, that properties of multiple object inside the button are shown without grouping. Therefore it is hard to for me to find the right settings.

See here: (for a textbutton I see font or position group twice)

Are there any plans to make it easier?

Best regards, Stephan

Hey, the GUI editor is in heavy development and not even consider alpha so far

That being said let me summon the mistress of the GUI editor: @msDestiny14

@Stephan - This is amazing that you’re trying it out. I love this community so much. @msDestiny14 will offer more insight, but as @Deltakosh mentioned, the paint is still VERY VERY wet on this creation. We’re in ACTIVE development on it right now.

That said…send us your thoughts!

I’m glad no one found my new editor yet :wink:


Yep! As the above have mentioned still very new in development! But I LOVE the feedback!

As to your question, yes for button it does happen to be displaying properties for text inside the button as well as the button itself. This will to remove once the scene explorer PR is merged. This will allow you to select the button or the text itself you want to edit.

If you have any more feedback suggestions feel free to poke me here :slight_smile:

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