Havok Missing RegisterAfterPhysicsStep

Yo @Cedric or another Havok guru… i was implementing a kind of psuedo FixedUpdate loop i would use to sync up stuff after every physics step. I was hooking into the V1 Physics impostor and calling registerAfterPhysicsStep

So now in Havok, how do i hook in to the physics step to sync up stuff after a physics step ?

Have you tried registering your observer off of the Scenes’ onAfterPhysicsStep (or equivalent)?

There is no function registration after physics update for individual bodies. I can add that functionnality if you think it’s a good/mandatory addition.
In the mean time, you can register on onAfterPhysicsObservableand update for your specific physics body list.

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I will try this… when does it fire… After every physics STEP which could be more than every frame ?


That’s correct, it can fire more than once a frame