Havok - setEnabled() on Body / Shape?

Hi team,
Is there any method to temporarily disable a physics body/shape ?

I have some meshes imported at scene creation, they’re then prepared for cloning/instancing/thinInstancing, some light shaders are precompiled, physics bodies setup, etc, then they’re disabled mesh.setEnabled(false),
but the bodies are still there and enabled/active meshes can collide with them.

You can call plugin._hknp.HP_World_RemoveBody(world, bodyID)

This removes the body from the physics world, but as long as you don’t call plugin._hknp.HP_Body_Release(bodyID), it is still allocated in the plugin and preserves information like transform and shape

To then add it again you simply call plugin._hknp.HP_World_AddBody(world, bodyID, startAsleep)

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Seems good so far :slight_smile:
made a little prototype to help out

BABYLON.HavokPlugin.prototype.setPhysicsBodyEnabled = function(body, setEnabled = true){
    if(!body || !body._pluginData) return;

        this._hknp.HP_World_AddBody(this.world, body._pluginData.hpBodyId, body.startAsleep);
    else {
        this._hknp.HP_World_RemoveBody(this.world, body._pluginData.hpBodyId);