HDR => ENV conversion with the same resolution

I am adding the process to have the conversion of an HDR to an ENV file in Naker. It works great but I am wondering what should be the size of my HDRCubeTexture depending on the size of the HDR file.

For instance, if my HDR has a 1k resolution, what should be the size of the CubeTeture to match that quality? 128, 256, 512 ?
The goal is that when we convert it in ENV format we want to keep the same level of quality!

Thanks a lot,
Bye, Pichou

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Divide the width by four should be great :slight_smile:

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Thanks @sebavan :wink:

I was wondering what is the reason behind that division by 4 ?

Think about a cube wrapped in the picture, how many faces fits in the width ? :slight_smile:

A cube is made of 6 faces and if you deploy it, you will have a pattern of 4 faces beside each other to make 360 degrees, that is the idea?
So 1k for the HDR means the number of pixels to make 360 degrees when in ENV it means the number of pixel for one face only right?

yup exactly

Another question, I don’t see where we can set the HDRCubeTexture size in the sandbox in order to manage that? I haven’t seen it in hdrSkyOption options or in the export layer?

You do not in the sandbox, I think we hardcoded 256 as it is one of the best tradeoff perf quality.

Too bad we can’t.

Thanks for all your answers! We are all good! :wink:

But you definitely can by code :slight_smile: it is pretty short in general: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1PMFC3#1

Yes I am currently on it to be honest! :grin:

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