HDR Error Loading

Hi, Do you know how I can trigger this error which shows in my console:
hdr.ts:198 Uncaught HDR Bad header format, not RLE

I put some try/catch a bit everywhere when loading a new HDR but I never catch this error.

Thanks for your help guys :wink:

So far it is deep down the HDR code and you have no way to get it.
Why do you want to catch it?

I want to catch it in order to show an error message to the user which try to load the HDR. In that case I have no callback at all when loading the HDR (no sucess, no error).

We will probably soon unsupport hdr to only accept .dds and .env but is there the same type of unreacheable error message with those files?

If it is the case I’ll add an observable for you

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