HDRFiltering does not work on Android phones

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HDRFiltering does not work on Android phones. windows and IOS are normal.



Although HDRFiltering does not work on Android, PBR materials work fine when realTimeFiltering is enabled.

I’m not sure I see a difference between the first picture and the other two?

The first image has a reflective roof that is more noticeable from all angles if you use an Android phone to access the page above. I tested it with different browsers on several Android phones of different models, and the results were the same.

Ah yes, I was looking at the car hood and couldn’t see a difference!




The above browsers are the latest version, and the operating system is Android 11. These browsers can see visible reflections of ambient light from the roof, which I think is why HDRFilting is not working properly.

This PR will fix the warnings about readPixels:

However, it does not solve the problem on my Samsung… It seems that rendering to a cubemap mipmap doesn’t work, because the HDR cube mipmaps are not the right ones (although the code to generate them is correctly executed), they are still the auto-generated mipmaps…

We should do more testing, but that will have to wait a bit because of the release of version 6.0 next week.


Until then, turning on material realTimeFiltering still results correctly.

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I noticed PBRMmaterial. RealTimeFiltering and hdrFiltering use at the same time, the effect is likely to produce superposition, is both enabled the left side of the above situation, the above is only enabled hdrFiltering, is both on the right side is not enabled, Does this mean that the PBRMmaterial. RealTimeFiltering and hdrFiltering cannot be used at the same time?

It is a mistake to use real-time filtering with a reflection texture that is already pre-filtered: the purpose of real-time filtering is to apply the correct filtering when using a non-prefiltered texture as an environment map.