Help with disposing and havok

when i am trying to dispose of objects with physics shapes i recieve a NULL erorr. checking the console i see it happens as the dispose event is fired in havok and it tries to set the shape to null. the error is _physicsData is NULL

shoot with right stick as the projectile reach range error occurs

this code was working two days ago. woke up yesterday to this error with no changes having been made.

cc @carolhmj - related to the Physics debugging PR

Thanks for the report, should be fixed by small fixes to physics by carolhmj · Pull Request #14731 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (


youre welcome and thanks to you both for the quick responses.

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just wanted to confirm the merge playground resolve the issue. thanks again. when is a reasonable time to expect cdn to reflect this merge?

Nightly update is in a few hours, will happen automatically :slight_smile: