Help with Dynamic texture and Text

In the following sample, I created a cube, with text over the faces.
My original data is in right handed system, so I have used the flag. useRightHandedSystem.
I am using dynamic texture to display the text onto faces.
But, the text displayed here is mirrored.

Is there a way to display the text without mirroring, and without changing to left handed system? @JohnK @Deltakosh @TheLeftover

Perhaps this may help Map Materials to Individual Mesh Faces | Babylon.js Documentation

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Maybe @bghgary has any idea as he loves the left/right handed system ?

The x-axis is flipped between a left-handed system and a right-handed system in Babylon.js. You can see this by using the gizmos on the cube you created. Given that, if you don’t change something in the mesh attributes, the texture will flip horizontally.

I think there are two options that will flip it back:

  1. Flip the U of the UVs (as in U = 1 - U)
  2. Change the vertex positions.

Does that help?

Hi @bghgary,
I changed the order of indices, it worked.



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