High resolution terrain


I am looking to create a regional map so it can be displayed on the web and users can interact a bit with it (mostly a few markers, with some info and downloads). Since the map is its main feature, ideally I want it to look stunning, so I looked into terrain generation software like World Creator and Gaea.

I was wondering how complex it might be to import terrain (and objects, as I understand in World Creator you can get trees and such as well) generated in such software to use them with Babylon.js at a high resolution; I’d rather avoid the typical and flat 90’s 3D graphics terrains I tend to see on webgl projects.

An example that comes to mind was the Middle Earth interactive map that was created for the Hobbit movies, but it seems to be offline now. I can only find its google experiment page, which while it shows a bit of what I want (first 10s of the video, and the last screenshot) it doesn’t really do it justice.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Hello and welcome!

As for the high resolution terrain - screenshot is attached. It took 2 minutes to render 1 frame.

There is Babylon.js extension which you may try - Dynamic Terrain | Babylon.js Documentation

SInce World Creator and Gaea can export to some common 3D formats you may try to export some simple terrain to GLTF (or to Unity and then with Unity Exporter to Babylon scene, or to C4D, or to Blender) and see how heavy it will be to render.

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Hi labris, thank you for the prompt response! It looks like I didn’t get notified of a reply, so only now did I see it.

It’s pretty interesting that it can be loaded into Unity and then exported directly to Babylon.js, if all cameras/logic can be done there it might save me a lot of learning.

I am unsure what the screenshot is supposed to show. It looks like a C4D render, which makes sense it’d take a while as it’s not made for real-time, but how does that show potential performance on Babylon?


The matter is if 1 frame with high resolution takes 2 minutes to render it will be not easy to reach smooth real-time animation with 60 fps :slight_smile:

As for Unity export - check Introduction to the Unity Toolkit | Babylon.js Documentation

Hey @PSNick and @labris

On february I did a Proof Of Content for a client in BJS on which I generate a terrain from Google Earth, and the result was fine for real time use.

You can see it here

The model was not optimized, but I know it can be reduced to about 15~20% of it size now, 46mb.

Besides rotate around the scene you can click on the “grey elements”,
sterile piles, to see some info about each of.

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