High scale texture with bending problem

Hello, guys,
I have a problem with objects that have a high texture scaling. For example a wall.
PG: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#WIMFD8#2

When zooming in and out, “bending” problems appear.
Could it be that I have to set something else with MipMap? So that I don’t have this weird effect.

Thank you!

Hello bestog. I was curious about the phenomenon so I changed the camera so I could zoom on this playground.

I could not see anything that looked like “bending”. This is likely a function of my computer setup. Rest assured someone who is far more qualified will come along shortly.

I think you mean “moire” effect?

Unfortunately we cannot do a lot about that (only possible “fix” would be to increase the rendering resolution but it will be really expensive:

And anyhow you will see the effect by going farther

One tiny trick is to enable specular AA on the pbr material: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#WIMFD8#6 but this will not remove the moiree pattern just reduce aliasing.

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Thank you very much for the two solutions. We avoid the increase of the resolution because of the performance and with the aliasing we had no noticeable effect in our application.
It could have been that I missed something. :slight_smile:


I met the same prolem as well…

How can I solve it?