Higher Quality .GLB mesh renders?

Hi folks,

First of all, fantastic 3D Framework, kudos to the all creators and maintainers involved. I just had the following general question: I wondered if perhaps there were established, recommended settings for rendering GLB models at the highest possible quality even where this would essentially mean some trade-off in terms of performance?

In recent weeks I’ve imported several models from Sketchfab (after viewing them in the SketchFab model viewer) and noted that they tend to render in significantly lower quality in BabylonJS. I’ve been able to significantly improve the render by using environment, HdrTextures, configuring shadows and fine-tuning specular highlights on materials. However, the resulting renders still do not look quite as sharp as they do in SketchFab. Are there any other settings I can tweak to improve render quality?

To demonstrate my point, attached are two screenshots of the same model, the first is rendered in babylonjs whilst the second is rendered in the sketchfab model viewer.

For example

You should also compare the use of the same environment texture in both cases, as this is the most important parameter when using PBR materials.


as @Evgeni_Popov mentioned, your issue is mainly lighting differences (HDR and related settings to HDR lighting )

Here I quickly dumped a phone model I have into the sand box and setup two or 3 materials and the scene , real quick as i have to leave for band practice , anyway cheers

( video is still processing HD , I really have to leave and cant wait so here is the link already )