Horrible performance to render a large gltf file (11M faces)

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I think it’s in your processes windows the problem which can slow down your processor and therefore slow down your browser.

This has happened to me before or sometimes my browser was slowing down a lot. After cleaning with CCleaner, removing certain processes when windows starts, checking that I had no spyware, emptying the caches… Everything is back to normal.

Then it’s just a guess.

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I think it’s legid. I sometimes experienced the same with antivirus or fancy pending windows updates.
But the fact that it’s hosted on a server and drops at a certain time of day, really makes me believe the server might just not deliver at certain times. Same as you, just a guess.

I see a few confusions here, to clear it up;

  • The server will only impact the loading speed, it will not cause lag or impact rendering performance after that, since the rendering is done entirely on the client-side.

  • The sandbox loads the file almost instantly because it’s also local (client-side), it isn’t uploading the file anywhere, it’s moving/copying the file data from your harddisk or SSD and directly into the browser memory

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I think you’ve right; the slowness must be caused by my laptop after a day of development and lots of processes ran etc… but if it happens on mine it could happend on customer’s ones…
Is there a way to avoid this kind of freeze ? I mean if the camera could be not synchronized/impacted by the fps that we could have a felling of lag because it miss some images but acceptable because we have a consistent move of the camera. Or at least the camera reach the correct position asked by the mouse. This is how x3dom works and it’s very comfortable when the performances are bad. With only 10fps you feel it fluid.

It seems that this is a known shortcoming, at least for the inertia:

Maybe you can try to adjust camera.speed based on the delta time with the last frame (engine.getDeltaTime())?

Hi @Evgeni_Popov, it is not very clear what the speed parameter acts on in the documentation.
“Define the current speed of the camera”
I’m using an arc rotate camera and I don’t see the difference either I set it to 0 or 10000.

BTW, I got better performances with all of this if I stop the rendering when it is not necessary. It let the gpu breath a bit that seems to delay the time where my laptop goes slow.

For arc rotate camera, it would be wheelPrecision to control the speed of the zoom in/out.

For rotation, you have angularSensibilityX and angularSensibilityY.

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