How can I make mesh have more than 65535 vertices count?

I use Unity to create some mesh with 32 bits indices, I export them and import them into BBL, I don’t know how to allow mesh to use 32 bits indices in BBL.

How re you exporting your scene? using glTF?

32bit indices are technically supported in webgl2 (and using an extension in webgl1, if I am not mistaken), it just depends on the way data exported. Just to be sure, @bghgary - do we support 32 bit indices when importing glTF files? Could it be a limitation of the specs (though I doubt it)

It is all supported both gl1 and 2 and should work automatically by converting to the right type. could you provide a repro in the playground ?

It should be supported. glTF spec allows this.


I use this plugin to export mesh from Unity:

Your asset looks broken in the same way in other gltf viewers.

You should check with the people creating the exporter.


I export them from Unity gltf exportor 2.0, I used to export 16-bits gltf with it. Should I export 16-bits mesh and combine them after loading?

Could you contact the gltf exporter plugin for Unity ? it might be smthg unrelated ?


Maybe it’s version is too old for gltf, this plugin also has other mistake which make me headache

Always thank you for your helps!!!