Native and more than 65536 vertices

Hi Experts,

I succeeded compiling Babylon Native on my iMac and I can run the Playground App :slight_smile:
Now I would like to load my own geometry but if the mesh has more than 65536 vertices it’s rendered wrong in the Native Viewer.

How do I fix it ?

On the online sandbox the GLB file looks fine.

Here us the line I use to load my file:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.AppendAsync(“”).then(function () {

Any help will be very appreciated.

Kind regards,

I believe I found a way:

In babylon.max.js I changed
uintIndices: true,//false,

It seems fine, would that be all ?

Pinging @bghgary

That sounds right. bgfx supports 32-bit indices just fine. Care to submit a PR to babylon.js NativeEngine.ts? We can integrate it to into Babylon Native.

Thank you for the answer, I have made the request :slight_smile:

They meant Pull Request. Not a feature request :slight_smile: .

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