How can I prevent the texture flicking for my glb layers

hello everyone

I have 2 surface which are in gltf format. and when I move the camera around them the flickering effect happen, and the colors mix together. How can I solve this problem. (the distance between two surface is 20meter)
as can be seen in the following GIF:

chrome-capture (7)

This is either z fighting but 20m seems a lot so it might be related to your meshes. A repro in the playground would be the best here.

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Thank you so much @sebavan for helping me,
when I render the surfaces (which is in glTF format) alone there isn’t any problem , However when I render it with my other models such a problem occur and I can not repro all the models on the playground because most of my data is in JSON format and it is difficult to repro.

but when I try to change the maxZ and minZ the problem has been improved.